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How Do I Set Up Two-Step Sign-In Verification? (2FA)

The first time you log-in to WealthBar you'll be asked to set up your two-step verification. While this is optional, it's recommended and will better secure your account. Click here to learn more about two-step verification.

You can always disable and re-enable your two-step verification at a later time from your WealthBar account security settings.

How to Enable two-step verification via SMS:

1) Login to WealthBar and go to your account security settings under your WealthBar profile.

2) Click "Set it up" under SMS/Text Message, and enter your mobile number.

3) Enter the 6 digit code sent via SMS to your phone

4) Choose to 'remember this device.' Only select this if the computer/device you are using is private and secured by a password. Otherwise select 'don't remember this device.'

By choosing to 'remember this device,' you will not be prompted to enter a code every time you log into WealthBar on the device you remember. This allows for greater convenience and quicker access from your personal computer. If you prefer to have better security or the computer you are using is not private, then you should not select this option.

5) Done! Congratulations, your account is now more secure!

Now when you log in:

If you have chosen to not remember your device, or you log in from another device, you'll be prompted to enter your two-step code which will be sent via SMS/Text Message automatically:

If you experience any issues using two-step verification and can't access your account, please contact us directly to help you.

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