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Changes to the Relationship Disclosure Information

How has the Relationship Disclosure document changed?

We’ve recently updated our Relationship Disclosure document as a result of WealthBar’s acquisition by CI Financial earlier this year.  

The following includes material changes and their implications to investors as a result of this update:

  • Ownership: While WealthBar continues to operate independently, it is now a subsidiary of CI Financial Corp. and an affiliate of CI Investments Inc.

  • Disclosure: We have expanded disclosure of the various investment risks so that you can better understand risks that may be associated with your portfolio and underlying investments.

  • Reporting: We’ll offer more in-depth and frequent account reporting, so you can stay more connected to your portfolio’s performance.

  • Board of directors: Our board of directors has changed. Now WealthBar directors may also act as directors and officers of CI Financial and/or its related affiliates.

  • Service arrangements: To take advantage of back-office support, product, distribution services and client referrals, WealthBar may enter into or have service arrangements with CI Financial or its affiliates.

  • Fund selection: WealthBar may choose investments from a related fund manufacturer. However, our independent due diligence and selection process (based on investment product characteristics and suitability for the portfolio) will remain unchanged.

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