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Aggressive ETF Portfolio

Portfolio Summary

This portfolio is for those with a medium to high risk tolerance, have a long term investment horizon and are comfortable with the majority of the portfolio invested in equity and real estate.

Performance as of August 31, 2019

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Illustrated rate of return is 46.79% cumulatively since inception on August 19, 2014. If you invested $100,000 on August 19, 2014 it would be worth $146,792 on August 31, 2019. This performance is an illustration of the current portfolio's holdings and weights as described above, going back to inception, being rebalanced daily and denominated in Canadian dollars. Source MorningStar Direct (or WealthBar). 


Cumulative Returns    
Annualized Returns
YTD 12.37%
1 Month -0.20%
3 Month 3.23%
6 Month 4.32%
1 Year 3.48% 3.48%
2 Year 17.38% 8.35%
3 Year 30.07% 9.16%
Since Inception 46.79% 7.93%
Year Returns
2014* 1.97%
2015 5.50%
2016 9.68%
2017 13.54%
2018 -2.38%

* The 2014 returns reflect cumulative (not annualized) performance from inception date to 2014 year-end

12 Month Yield
Asset Allocation

Your portfolio is invested in the following assets:

Asset Class Breakdown
US Equities 35.0%
International Equities 17.5%
High-Yield Bonds 12.5%
Canadian Equities 10.0%
Real Estate 10.0%
Corporate Bonds 10.0%
Income Strategies 5.0%

Fund Allocation

Your portfolio is invested in the following ETFs:

Fund Ticker Breakdown
Horizons S&P 500 ETF (Factsheet) HXS 35.0%
iShares Core MSCI EAFE IMI (Factsheet) XEF 17.5%
BMO High Yld US Corp Bd Hdgd to CAD ETF (Factsheet) ZHY 12.5%
Horizons Equal Weight Canada REIT ETF (Factsheet) HCRE 10.0%
Horizons S&P/TSX 60 ETF (Factsheet) HXT 10.0%
BMO US Short-Term IG Corp Bd Hdgd to CAD ETF (Factsheet) ZSU 5.0%
Vanguard Canadian Short-Term Corp Bd ETF (Factsheet) VSC 5.0%
Horizons Laddered Canadian Preferred Share ETF (Factsheet) HLPR 5.0%
Portfolio MER

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